Our undergrads Nina and Lucas received fellowships for the summer!

Nina Galvez and Lucas Sant’Anna were awarded undergraduate research fellowships for the coming summer. We’re excited to announce that  Nina was awarded the McCormick 2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Award and Lucas was awarded the Jaharis Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations to you both! We’re excited for what the summer will bring!

Our new NSF-funded graduate training program focused on synthetic biology will launch at Northwestern!

Northwestern’s Center for Synthetic Biology (CSB) is one of the global hubs for innovation in its field. A prestigious grant promises to push the program even further. The National Science Foundation awarded $3 million to support a new graduate-level training program that focuses on PhD students. Northwestern Engineering’s Julius Lucks, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, is […]

Neha and Julius are awarded a CLP-Cornew Innovation Award

The Kamat and Lucks labs are teaming up to design a new kind of biosensor. Check out a recent write-up on the high risk, high reward project here. Thanks to the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute for funding the project!

The Kamat Lab receives funding from NSF!

The Kamat Lab along with the labs in Northwestern’s Center of Synthetic Biology were recently awarded funding from NSF to build new features of a synthetic cell. Check out the write up here!

The Kamat Lab is awarded a collaborative grant from the Center of Water Research!

The Kamat lab was awarded a collaborative grant from Northwestern University-based Center for Water Research. In collaboration with Shai Arnon’s group at Ben-Gurion University, the team will explore how to design vesicles that can detect and report important biological signals and processes occurring in aquatic environments. Read more about the awards here.

Neha receives an AFOSR YIP Award!

Neha has been awarded a selective Young Investigator Program (YIP) Award from the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). Check out the write up here. The $450,000 AFOSR YIP Award over three years will support the Kamat Lab’s basic research initiative to take “A Biophysical Approach to Uncover the Role of Cell Membrane Mechanics in Sensing Mechanical Force.”  The research […]