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Hydrophobic mismatch drives self-organization of designer proteins into synthetic membranes

Peruzzi, J. A., Steinkühler, J., Vu, T. Q., Gunnels, T. F., Hu, V. T., Lu, P., Baker, D., Kamat, N. P.*

Nature Communications, 2024, 15(1), 3162

ACS syn bio cover

Progress in Engineering Synthetic Cells and Cell-Free Systems

Dogterom, M., Kamat, N. P., Jewett, M. C., and Adamala, K. P.

ACS Synthetic Biology, 2024

cf ribosome

Improving cell-free expression of membrane proteins by tuning ribosome co-translational membrane association and nascent chain aggregation

Steinküher, J., Peruzzi, J.A., Krüger, A, Jacobs, M.L., Jewett, M.C., Kamat, N.P.*

ACS Synthetic Biology, 2023, 13(1), 129-140

EV protein cargo

Enhancing extracellular vesicle cargo loading and functional delivery by engineering protein-lipid interactions

Peruzzi, J. A., Gunnels, T. F., Edelstein, H.I., Lu, P., Baker, D., Leonard, J. N.*, Kamat, N. P.*

bioRxiv 2023

two component

Engineering transmembrane signal transduction in synthetic membranes using two-component systems

Peruzzi, J. A., Galvez, N. R., Kamat, N. P.*

PNAS, 2023, 120 (19) e2218610120

rapid generation

Rapid Generation of Therapeutic Nanoparticles Using Cell-Free Expression Systems

Peruzzi, J. A., Vu, T. Q., Gunnels, T. F., Kamat, N. P.*

Small Methods, 2023, 7(12), 2201718


Tuning Targeted Liposome Avidity to Cells via Lipid Phase Separation

Vu, T. Q., Sant'Anna, L. E., Kamat, N. P.*

Biomacromolecules, 2023, 24, 4, 1574–1584

Engineered membrane receptors with customizable input and output functions

Peruzzi, J. A., Vu, T. Q., Kamat, N. P.*

Trends in Biotechnology, 2023

Cell-free protein synthesis systems for vaccine design and production

Hu, V. T., Kamat, N. P.*

Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2023, 79, 102888

Riboswitch paper fig

Robust and tunable performance of a cell-free biosensor encapsulated in lipid vesicles

Boyd, M. A., Thavarajah, W., Lucks, J. B.*, Kamat, N. P.*

Science Advances, 2023, 9, 1, eadd6605

Probing the force-from-lipid mechanism with synthetic polymers

Jacobs, M. L., Steinkühler, J., Lemley, A., Larmore, M. J., Ng, L. C. T., Cologna, S. M., DeCaen, P. G., Kamat, N. P.*

bioRxiv 2022

Enzymatically-active bacterial microcompartments follow substrate gradients and are protected from aggregation in a cell-free system

Steinkühler, J.*, Abrahamson, C. H., Agudo-Canalejo, J., Golestanian, R., Tullman-Ercek, D.*, Kamat, N. P.*

bioRxiv 2022

packing defects paper

PEO-b-PBD Diblock Copolymers Induce Packing Defects in Lipid/Hybrid Membranes and Improve Insertion Rates of Natively Folded Peptides

Steinkühler, J., Jacobs, M. L., Boyd, M. A., Villaseñor, C. G., Loverde, S. M., Kamat, N. P.*

Biomacromolecules, 2022, 23, 11, 4756-4765

Development of a Low-Cost, Easy-to-Adopt Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program During Crisis

Ankeny, C. J., Dunton, C., Virk, R., Scott, E., Kamat, N. P.

Biomedical Engineering Education, 2022, 1-7

Elucidating design principles for engineering cell-derived vesicles to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection

Gunnels, T.F., Stranford, D.M., Mitrut, R.E., Kamat, N.P.*, Leonard, J. N.*

Small 2022, 18, 19, 2200125

Lipid phase separation in vesicles enhances TRAIL-mediated cytotoxicity

Vu, T. Q., Peruzzi, J. A., Sant'Anna, L. E., Roth, E. W., Kamat, N.P.*

Nano Letters 2022, 22, 7, 2627-2634

Cell-Free Membrane Protein Expression into Hybrid Lipid/Polymer Vesicles

Jacobs, M. L. and Kamat, N. P.*

Cell-Free Gene Expression. Methods in Molecular Biology, 2022, 2433

Vesicle-based sensors for extracellular potassium detection

Boyd, M.A., Davis, A.M., Chambers, N.R., Tran, P., Prindle, A., Kamat, N.P. *

Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 2021, 14, 459-469

EPA and DHA differentially modulate membrane elasticity in the presence of cholesterol

Jacobs, M.L., Faizi, H.A., Peruzzi, J. A., Vlahovska, P.M., Kamat, N.P. *

Biophysical Journal, 2021, 120, 11, 2317-2329

Bioinspired Macromolecular Materials

Webber, M.J. , Kamat, N.P. , Messersmith, P.B. , Lecommandoux, S.

Biomacromolecules, 2021, 22, 1, 1-3

Improving cell-free glycoprotein synthesis by characterizing and enriching native membrane vesicles

Hershewe, J., Warfel, K., Iyer, S., Peruzzi, J., Sullivan, C.J., Roth, E.W., DeLisa, M.P., Kamat, N.P., Jewett, M.C.

Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 2363

Cell-Free Synthesis of a Transmembrane Mechanosensitive Channel Protein into a Hybrid-Supported Lipid Bilayer

Manzer, Z., Ghosh, S., Jacobs, M.L., Krishnan, S., Zipfel, W.R., Piñeros, M., Kamat, N. P. *, Daniel, S. *

Applied Bio Materials, 2021, 4, 3101-3112

Designing artificial cells towards a new generation of biosensors

Boyd, M. A and Kamat, N. P.*

Trends in Biotechnology, 2021, 39, 9, 927-939

Energy Dissipation at Interfaces Drives Multicompartment Remodeling

Steinkühler, J., and Kamat, N. P.*

Chem, 2020, 6, 1160-1171

Barcoding biological reactions with DNA-functionalized vesicles

Peruzzi, J. A., Jacobs, M. L., Vu, T. Q. and Kamat, N. P.*

Angew Chem Int Ed, 2019, 58, 18683-18690

Controlling secretion in artificial cells with a membrane AND gate

Hilburger, C. E., Jacobs, M. L., Lewis, K. R., Peruzzi, J. A. and Kamat, N. P.*

ACS Synthetic Biology, 2019, 8, 1224-1230

Diblock copolymers enhance folding of a mechanosensitive membrane protein during cell-free expression

Jacobs, M. L., Boyd, M. A., And Kamat, N. P.*

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 2019, 116, 4031-4036

Visualizing tension and growth in model membranes using optical dyes

Boyd, M. A., And Kamat, N. P.*

Biophys J 2018, 115, 1307-1315

Copying of mixed sequence RNA templates inside model protocells

O’flaherty, D. K.*; Kamat, N. P.*^; Mirza, F. N.; Li, L.; Prywes, N.; Szostak, J. W.

JACS 2018, 140, 5171-517
*authors contributed equally; ^corresponding authors

Fatty Acid/Phospholipid Blended Membranes: A Potential Intermediate State in Protocellular Evolution

Jin, L.*; Kamat, N. P.*; Jena, S.; Szostak, J. W.

Small 2018, 14, 1704077
*authors contributed equally

N-Carboxyanhydride-Mediated Fatty Acylation of Amino Acids and Peptides for Functionalization of Protocell Membranes

Izgu, E. C.; Björkbom, A.; Kamat, N. P.; Lelyveld, V. S.; Zhang, W.; Jia, T. Z.; Szostak, J. W.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016, 138, 16669-16676

Electrostatic Localization of RNA to Protocell Membranes by Cationic Hydrophobic Peptides

Kamat, N. P.; Tobe, S.; Hill, I. T.; Szostak, J. W.

Angewandte Chemie 2015, 54, 11735-11739

Construction of a Liposome Dialyzer for the Preparation of High-Value, Small-Volume Liposome Formulations

Adamala, K.; Engelhart, A. E.; Kamat, N. P.; Jin, L.; Szostak, J. W.

Nature Protocols 2015, 10, 927-38

Modular Synthesis of Amphiphilic Janus Glycodendrimers and Their Self-Assembly into Glycodendrimersomes and Other Complex Architectures with Bioactivity to Biomedically Relevant Lectins

Percec, V.; Leowanawat, P.; Sun, H. J.; Kulikov, O.; Nusbaum, C. D.; Tran, T. M.; Bertin, A.; Wilson, D. A.; Peterca, M.; Zhang, S.; Kamat, N. P.; Vargo, K.; Moock, D.; Johnston, E. D.; Hammer, D. A.; Pochan, D. J.; Chen, Y.; Chabre, Y. M.; Shiao, T. C.; Bergeron-Brlek, M.; Andre, S.; Roy, R.; Gabius, H. J .; Heiney, P. A.

Nature Protocols 2015, 10, 927-38

Single-Vesicle Patterning of Uniform, Giant Polymersomes into Microarrays

Kamat, N. P.; Henry, S. J.; Lee, D.; Hammer, D. A.

Small 2013, 9, 2272-2276

Harnessing Interfacial Phenomena to Program the Release Properties of Hollow Microcapsules

Lee, M. H.; Hribar, K. C.; Brugarolas, T.; Kamat, N. P.; Burdick, J. A.; Lee, D.

Advanced Functional Materials 2012, 22, 131-138.

Soft Biodegradable Polymersomes from Caprolactone-Derived Polymers

Katz, J. S.; Eisenbrown, K. A.; Johnston, E. D.; Kamat, N. P.; Rawson, J.; Therien, M. J.; Burdick, J. A.; Hammer, D. A.

Soft Matter 2012, 8, 10853-10862

Towards an Artificial Cell

Hammer, D. A.; Kamat, N. P.

Febs Letters 2012, 586, 3766-3766

Sensing Membrane Stress with near Ir-Emissive Porphyrins

Kamat, N. P.; Liao, Z.; Moses, L. E.; Rawson, J.; Therien, M. J.; Dmochowski, I. J.; Hammer, D. A.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2011, 108, 13984-13989.

Micropipette Aspiration of Double Emulsion-Templated Polymersomes

Kamat, N. P.; Lee, M. H.; Lee, D.; Hammer, D. A.

Soft Matter 2011, 7, 9863-9866

Engineering Polymersome Protocells

Kamat, N. P.; Katz, J. S.; Hammer, D. A.

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2011, 2, 1612-1623

Improved Tumor Targeting of Polymer-Based Nanovesicles Using Polymer-Lipid Blends

Cheng, Z.; Elias, D. R.; Kamat, N. P.; Johnston, E. D.; Poloukhtine, A.; Popik, V.; Hammer, D. A.; Tsourkas, A.

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2011, 22, 2021-2029

Generalized System for Photoresponsive Membrane Rupture in Polymersomes

Kamat, N. P.; Robbins, G. P.; Rawson, J.; Therien, M. J.; Dmochowski, I. J.; Hammer, D. A.

Advanced Functional Materials 2010, 20, 2588-2596