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New chemicals, membrane amphiphiles,  and plasmids are maintained in Quartzy


General safety information can be found at the Office for Research Safety

Use the NSIS website to complete yearly online safety training and request a chemical waste pick-up. If you are off campus, you will need to use a VPN to securely access this website.


Chemical waste: Request a waste container pickup in 150 days (from start date) or when a container is ¾ full online via NSIS. Pick up occurs within 3 business days of a request.


Check out this useful pdf on what type of waste goes into what waste container. 

Helpful applications/resources for laboratory data management

Helpful applications for laboratory reference/paper management

  • Tip: Set up alerts in Google Scholar and Web of Science (alerts can be set up by saving specific keyword searches) to keep up to date on new publications.

    •  Example search for polymersomes and polymer vesicles:

            In Web of Science, type in the topic bar

                                    Polymersome* or polymer vesicle*

            Go to ‘Search History’, and click ‘Save History/ Create Alert’

Other useful links

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