Maggie is awarded an NDSEG Fellowship!

Congratulations to Maggie Boyd, who was awarded both the NDSEG and NSF Fellowships last week! Maggie has accepted the NDSEG Fellowship that begins this Fall.

Maggie is selected to receive the Research Progress Award at BME Research Day!

Maggie has been selected to receive the Research Progress Award  at the Northwestern BME Department’s annual BME Research Day. Each year, one graduate student from each of our Department’s three tracks is selected for the award, which recognizes the significant research productivity of the awardee in the past year. Great job, Maggie!

The Kamat Lab heads to the 2019 Biophysical Society Meeting!

Kamat Lab members, Miranda, Maggie, Justin, and Claire headed to Baltimore this week to attend the 2019 Annual Biophysical Society Meeting. Miranda gave a platform presentation and Maggie, Justin, and Claire presented posters on their recent work.

Maggie’s paper investigating the origins of multicellularity is out!

Maggie’s paper from her time in the Herron group is out in Scientific Reports. The study looked at the origins of multicellularity and found that the transition to multicellularity can happen in response to an ecologically relevant selective pressure, including predation. Neat work- check it out here!

Our paper is out in PNAS!

Our paper investigating how bilayer vesicles containing diblock copolymers enhance the cell-free expression and folding of a mechanosensitive channel protein is out in PNAS. The work was led by Miranda Jacobs and reveals the role of membrane surface area and the membrane area expansion modulus in enhancing protein folding efficiency and yield. Great job by Kamat Lab members, […]

The Kamat Lab is awarded a collaborative grant from the Center of Water Research!

The Kamat lab was awarded a collaborative grant from Northwestern University-based Center for Water Research. In collaboration with Shai Arnon’s group at Ben-Gurion University, the team will explore how to design vesicles that can detect and report important biological signals and processes occurring in aquatic environments. Read more about the awards here.

The Kamat Lab heads to BMES

Maggie’s talk on our membrane tension and surface area sensors is Thursday, 4:45 pm in A313 Claire’s poster on controlling membrane channel incorporation into vesicles is in the undergraduate poster session on Saturday, P-SAT-522 Neha co-chairs Nanotechnologies for Nucleic Acid Detection and Exosome Analysis Northwestern University hosts a reception on Thursday, 8-10 pm, in the Chestnut […]