Tim is awarded a BTP Fellowship!

Congrats to Tim, a rising 2nd year BME graduate student, on being appointed to the Biotechnology Training Program! The program is funded by a grant from NIGMS (T32 GM008449). The program stresses the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology training through course work, research, industrial internships, seminars and other opportunities that broaden the students’ training in and understanding of modern […]

Neha and Julius are awarded a CLP-Cornew Innovation Award

The Kamat and Lucks labs are teaming up to design a new kind of biosensor. Check out a recent write-up on the high risk, high reward project here. Thanks to the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute for funding the project!

Our work is out in ACS Synthetic Biology!

Our work designing a system to control vesicle secretion, led by Kamat Lab undergrad Claire Hilburger, is out in ACS Synthetic Biology. Our work presents the design of a membrane AND gate that incorporates membrane-associating molecules as inputs that work in conjunction to control vesicle secretion. We’re thinking about 1) how to harness changes in membrane composition to […]

The Kamat Lab receives funding from NSF!

The Kamat Lab along with the labs in Northwestern’s Center of Synthetic Biology were recently awarded funding from NSF to build new features of a synthetic cell. Check out the write up here!

Maggie is awarded an NDSEG Fellowship!

Congratulations to Maggie Boyd, who was awarded both the NDSEG and NSF Fellowships last week! Maggie has accepted the NDSEG Fellowship that begins this Fall.

Maggie is selected to receive the Research Progress Award at BME Research Day!

Maggie has been selected to receive the Research Progress Award  at the Northwestern BME Department’s annual BME Research Day. Each year, one graduate student from each of our Department’s three tracks is selected for the award, which recognizes the significant research productivity of the awardee in the past year. Great job, Maggie!